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Kartas was more than the heir of a photo copy equipment, 2 chairs and 5 tables. Kartas was the primary Room at any time where a relistic and real attempt had been built to function over a non authoritarian, non revenue and non sexist/racist/ethnicist basis. The two fellas from your so named cyprus indymedia were under no circumstances existing! How Bizarre....

This individual kind of photos how the Cyprus indymedia “group” is incredibly keen at buying particular parts from the actual life actuality the rest of the persons share and carefully putting these pieces with each other in a way it goes with their interpretation or improved building of their own individual actuality.

o- has NEVER approved any in the large number of invitations to hitch indymedia. o- he was Under no circumstances a member from the Group.

Υπάρχει ανάγκη γιά πολλές δουλειές: δημοσιογραφικές, συντακτικές εργασίες, τεχνικές, οικονομικές, νομικές, οργανωτικές, εργασίες γιά επαφές, αλληλογραφία, σχέδιο, συνομιλίες και διαπραγματεύσεις... από που θα ήθελες να αρχίσεις;

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Νόμιζα ότι το πρόβλημα ήταν το μέγεθος του σχολίου, και δοκίμαζα άλλα μεγέθη, αλλά τελικά μπήκαν όλα μαζί.

"The Anarchist core of Cyprus did not have a location of its personal and was in a very point out διαχειριση facebook of disorganization. So Kardash gave it an opportunity to regroup mainly to be a Nicosia movement.

΄΄Διαφωνώ με αυτά που λες, αλλά θα υπερασπιστώ μέχρι θανάτου το δικαίωμά σου να το λες΄΄Βολτέρος

α. Δεν είναι σωστό να δημοσιοποιούνται στοιχεία από την προσωπική ζωή των ανθρώπων όσο και αυτά να είναι αληθή.

Several of our names and destinations are popular and available from the cellular phone guide, the world wide web, and one of our spots is even determined from House:

Αλλά οι συναντήσεις δεν είναι ανοικτές ούτε γιά τους ρατσιστές, ούτε γιά τους φαλλοκράτες, ούτε γιά ομοφοβικές συμπεριφορές.

In that spirit, many of the perform meetings to attain every one of the function and assignments stated over move very well, and through the ten years there happen to be numerous people that passed by our doors, often to operate only on particular tasks, from time to time to stay on for various several years and commit to shouldering positions of obligation.

Supreme Court docket rejects Web neutrality appeal The Supreme Courtroom has finished the court docket struggle in excess of repealed Obama-period "net neutrality" policies that demanded internet companies to treat all on the web...

o- By our political contacts we had been ready to Express for the West well timed reporting in the entrance lines during Israel's invasion of Gaza also to disseminate to the earth eye-witness initial-hand experiences from Beirut for the duration of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon.

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